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Stuart Polet’s Fud was no Dud!

[caption id="attachment_7500" align="alignnone" width="780"] A riderless and proud Federal Ruler "wins" the Golden Sweepstakes Handicap on July 1, 1977.[/caption] by Bob Gates In 2015 the Wheat City Stakes was renamed the Manitoba Mile and Friday, July 28 marks the 40th Anniversary of Stuart Polet's "Fud the Stud's" win in the Wheat City in 1977. What?…
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Racehorses, Forever Homes & the Final Furlong

[caption id="attachment_7429" align="alignnone" width="780"] Monsoon Rain and Larry Carter.[/caption] by Bob Gates I'm back following a week's hiatus due to one of the ugliest bouts of, well, why don't we just call it a bad case of colic and leave it at that. I'm still on the mend and am writing this from what was…
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The Benjamins of Miles City, Montana, A Gem of a family

[caption id="attachment_7315" align="alignright" width="780"] Ruth Johnson and Jim Benjamin circa 1940.[/caption] by Bob Gates Montana's state motto is "Oro y Plata" (Spanish for gold and silver). The mountains of Montana have yielded fortunes in gold and silver since they were first discovered in the mid 1800s, but Big Sky Country's real riches are its people. …
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