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Sha Tin Racing

New! Commingled pools with Hong Kong
You can now bet into pools of $20 million per race on your HPI account

No wagering pools in the world are bigger than those at Sha Tin and Happy Valley race tracks in Hong Kong.

And now, thanks to the efforts of Woodbine Entertainment, you can now bet races through your HPI account that goes right into those giant, $20 million per race, pools. Which means you have a chance of scoring very big money in exotic bets—especially in the double and triple trio (essentially predicting triactor boxes in two or three races) where jackpots can grow to tens of millions of dollars.

“This is an exciting day for horse racing fans in Canada as Hong Kong racing is very popular in this country,” Sean Pinsonneault , the executive vice-president of strategy and wagering at Woodbine Entertainment, states in a news release.

“We are delighted to partner with an esteemed, forward thinking organization like the Hong Kong Jockey Club in their world-wide commingled wagering pools initiative. Clearly, world-wide commingled pools are the way of the future and Woodbine is pleased to be at the forefront of this advance, providing our customers access to some of the largest wagering pools in the world.”

When do Hong Kong races go to post ( Winnipeg time)?
• Sha Tin: Midnight Saturday
• Happy Valley: 6 a.m. Wednesday morning

What wagers are new to North American bettors?
• Omni: Requires you to select two of the top three finishers in any order. Gives a player more wiggle room than a quinella. You win, for example, if your horses finish first and second, first and third, or second and third.
• Trio: It’s essentially a triactor box but you can do it for a total of $2
• “Place” replaces “show:” If you bet a horse to place, you cash if your horse finishes first, second OR THIRD.
• A “place” pick-6: You pick horses that will finish first OR second in the last six races.
• Double and triple trio: You predict top three finishers in two designated races (double trio) or top three finishers in three designated races (triple trio). Jackpots— WHICH COULD REACH TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS--grow when there are no winners.
Betting at Hong Kong tracks is so big because horse racing is the only legalized form of gambling. Anyone who bets in an overseas account or through a bookmaker risks nine months in jail and a $5,000 (Cdn) fine.

Where are programs available?

There are two program formats in HPIbet. Players apparently find the comprehensive one from Hong Kong to be particularly useful. Also, Saturday’s DRF carried past performances for Sha Tin’s midnight card—but not Wednesday’s card at Happy Valley.