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The History of the Manitoba Derby in Photos

[caption id="attachment_16501" align="alignright" width="1735"] Royal Frolic with Larry Bird up after winning the 45th running of the Manitoba Derby. August 2, 1993.[/caption] by Bob Gates A few weeks ago we tried something different. The traditional blog story was replaced by an array of photos complete with captions and it turns out, you liked it! With…
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1998 Manitoba Derby: A Milestone Event 

by Bob Gates The historic Manitoba Derby is a treasure-trove of milestones. The 2021 edition will be yet another in the storied legends that contribute to its mystique. This season's Derby will take place with a tarmac filled to capacity with anxious spectators after a one-year covid-induced "no fans in the stands" hiatus. Let's begin…
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The Manitoba Derby, The Forgotten Years – 1930 to 1940

[caption id="attachment_7550" align="alignnone" width="780"] The first winner of the Manitoba Stakes-Derby. Jack Whittier. 1930.[/caption] by Bob Gates It's been 57 years since Jack Hardy resurrected our Manitoba Derby in 1960 and this year's Derby is the 69th running of what was once touted as the "Run for the Tartan." I've never been a math genius,…
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