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Footprints, Hoofprints & Milestones at ASD

[caption id="attachment_18366" align="alignright" width="1000"] Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 1970 Manitoba Centennial-Derby.[/caption] by Bob Gates Can you believe that come opening day, Monday May 22, 235 days will have passed since our four-legged athletes were called to the post here at the Downs last September 28. So, who’s ready for some live racing! If your…
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Women who rocked the Powder Puff Derby

[caption id="attachment_3570" align="alignright" width="270"] Eileen Blake, winner of the first Powder Puff Derby at ASD in 1960.[/caption] by Bob I'm guessing the name "Powder Puff" was created by a male of our species. Certainly there aren't many women these days that would come up with such a sexist sounding name for a horse race featuring…
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