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Live Racing a Go for Second Year in a Row at ASD with No Fans in the Stands

[caption id="attachment_13154" align="alignleft" width="1000"] Readying for Opening Day 2021 at ASD. George Williams photo.[/caption] by Bob Gates The 2021 season gets underway on Monday, May 24. This will be the second year of the pandemic "No Fans in the Stands" season of racing. Sure, it's not what everyone wants, but it beats the blazes out…
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Wondrous Wednesday – Oh What a Night!

[caption id="attachment_5494" align="alignleft" width="780"] Jim Sorenson on Simons Sword. His 3rd of 7 winners on June 23, 1976.[/caption]   by Bob Gates Isn't it sweet when everything clicks and you can do no wrong? Well, Assiniboia Downs can boast of at least five jockeys who experienced a rare combination of skill, luck and whatever else…
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The Winner’s Circle at Assiniboia Downs, a history of hallowed ground

[caption id="attachment_3538" align="alignright" width="270"] Dick Armstrong. Original Winner's Circle. Chain link fence. June 10, 1958[/caption] by Bob Arguably the most hallowed piece of real estate at any race track is the Winner's Circle, also sometimes referred to as the winner's enclosure and the charmed circle. Oddly enough, ours is not, and never has been, a…
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