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The 1970 Manitoba Centennial Derby and “The Trib”: 2020 Milestones

[caption id="attachment_12309" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Fanfreluche, the only filly, was a dilly[/caption] by Bob Gates The Manitoba Centennial Derby celebrates its golden anniversary (1970-2020) this year. Go figure. It doesn’t seem like it, but 50 years have passed since the historic Centennial Derby was run at Assiniboia Downs as "The Queen of all Britons" and her…
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Assiniboia Downs Kicks Off Season #63 of Live Racing

Milestones & Memories Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the 1970 Manitoba Centennial Derby by Bob Gates Welcome to the new "normal" as the Downs makes the final preparations to open for its inaugural "No Fans In The Stands" 2020 race meet. We have all lived the events of this spring and heaven knows they…
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The Day Two Ladies Reigned Supreme at ASD. July 15, 1970 .

[caption id="attachment_9019" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Royals arrive at Assiniboia Downs for the Manitoba Derby. July 15, 1970.[/caption] by Bob Gates Manitoba was celebrating its centenary in 1970 and the owner of Assiniboia Downs, Jack Hardy, wasn't about to let the occasion pass without taking full advantage. The 22nd running of the Manitoba Derby was the marquee…
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